Sunday, September 4, 2011

House hunting

I started this blog with all good intention of blogging and then life got complicated and in the way and then I never found the time to sit down a blog so excuse me if it happens time to time.......

Well we started house hunting probably about and year and a half ago and a bit like this blog (can anyone see a pattern) it was a bit intermittent.  We live in a 3 x 1 duplex in the northern suburbs of Perth and with two children at times it can be a bit over crowded.  So when I get that over crowded feeling I get very interested in other houses but every time we have look at houses (and I've been to a few - think I'm know as the serial looker around here with agents) it gets me down as I never like the houses (even the very posh ones).  Saying that we have spoken to numerous real estate agents as to what our budget is and what we are looking for (still waiting for their calls).  We have even put in an offer on one (the seller then proceeded to rent it out to his daughters) and recently a real estate agent giving us the big run around for a house we were really keen on. So I'm over it, so over it.

I (oops I mean) We have decided that maybe we should start looking at building (we have still kept an eye on the houses going on the market).  Eeek what are we getting ourselves in for?  Will we survive the building process etc etc?  Are all things that are going through my mind.  Anyway with all that swirling around in my head there is a sense of excitement as well as I'll finally get the house I want only a bit further away from where we originally wanted to live.

If anyone wants to have a look, this is the house I am really in love with  I will be making slight adjustments eg there will be also a powder room at the front.  We just need to find a block that can fit this on - there is some new releases soon which should be good.

Today whilst doing numerous other things I have written a list of things to think about (who knew of square set cornices - well I do now!).  I think my husband thinks I'm way too excited about this but I am!!!!! Hee hee BRING IT ON I SAY.  What can't kill you can only make you stronger..............

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